Previously I worked at Google developing and facilitating personal development and wellness workshops all over the US. Working at Google was incredible, but I had a conflicting dream – I wanted to be in action movies. Since Google didn’t have any openings for stunt men, I quit my dream company in pursuit of my dream life.  It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.

I speak Mandarin, so I moved to Beijing, the capital of kung fu movies. There I met a Qigong master and became his disciple (more info here). Together, we traveled all over China to film a documentary series called Experiencing Real Kung Fu.

Jackie Chan (right) and me (left) building a rock sled in the middle of a huge battle

Jackie Chan (right) and me (left) really exerting ourselves in the middle of a huge battle in the movie Dragon Blade

I also worked with some big names in the movie industry – I helped create a mindfulness curriculum for Jet Li’s brand of Tai Chi,
and was a stunt man in Jackie Chan’s Dragon Blade.  It was fucking awesome.

I don’t have it all figured out.  But I do know this – for certain people, the conventional ‘modern’ lifestyle is suffocating.  Are you one of those people?  I became a coach so I could help people like you leave behind safety and security in search of authenticity, wholeness, and meaning.

I received much of my coach training through Leadership that Works,
a program distinguished for its focus on culture, privilege, and social justice.  I have also been coaching at Sounding Board since 2016.

Practices incorporated into my coaching

Meditation / Nonviolent Communication:

Both stress the importance of deep presence and connection.  These practices enhance my ability to listen deeply in a way that inspires self awareness, acceptance, and growth.

Martial Arts / Qigong:

Physical awareness informs mental awareness, and some of our most effective solutions are stimulated by parts of our bodies other than our brains.
I help clients get out of their head and into action. More info here.