Previously I worked at Google developing and facilitating personal development and wellness workshops all over the US. Working at Google was incredible, but I had a conflicting dream – I wanted to be in action movies. Since Google didn’t have any openings for stunt men, I quit my dream company in pursuit of my dream life.  It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.

I speak fluent Mandarin, so I moved to Beijing, the capital of kung fu movies. There I met a Qigong master and became his disciple (more info here). Together, we traveled all over China to film a documentary series called Experiencing Real Kung Fu.

Jackie Chan (right) and me (left) building a rock sled in the middle of a huge battle

Jackie Chan (right) and me (left) really exerting ourselves in the middle of a huge battle in the movie Dragon Blade

I also worked with some big names in the movie industry – I helped create a mindfulness curriculum for Jet Li’s brand of Tai Chi,
and was a stunt man in Jackie Chan’s Dragon Blade.  It was fucking awesome.

I feel grateful to have realized some of my wildest dreams.
My new dream is to help you realize yours.

I believe human beings have unlimited power.  In my coaching,
I create a space for you to be able to see your own power,
and challenge you to embody it more fully.

I received much of my coach training through Leadership that Works,
a program distinguished for its focus on culture, privilege, and social justice.

Practices incorporated into my coaching

Along with powerful coaching, my clients also get to experience the power of the following practices:

Meditation / Nonviolent Communication:

Both stress the importance of deep presence and connection.  These practices enhance my ability to listen deeply in a way that inspires self awareness, acceptance, and growth.

Martial Arts / Qigong:

Physical awareness informs mental awareness, and some of the most effective solutions arise from parts of our bodies other than our brains.
I help clients discover answers from their whole body, not just their head. More info here.