34dc01c-1"It's been challenging, taxing, and awesome to shift mental modalities that I've been settled in for a long while. I can't recommend Eric highly enough, because you're going to learn something new out of this. I guarantee it.

I don't want to make it sound like it was easy - it's tough. But like all stuff that's not surface, if it was easy, it'd be trivial"

Vijay Gill, SVP Software Engineering, SalesForce
img_1305_edited_allison-berger_1000x1000_low-res"I worked with Eric earlier this year and was surprised how much he could quickly uncover. While he'll challenge you, he's extremely caring and sincere. Certainly worth connecting with this talent!"

Allison Berger, Fortune 100 Marketing Strategist
379670978888454"This guy is legit. I've been working with him for the last six months and have grown exponentially. If you have big career plans, Eric will help you identify your fears and roadblocks, and tackle them head on. Highly, highly recommend."

Mitch Bradford, Screenwriter
2d94816-1"He is indeed legit. I worked with him earlier this year and it was extremely valuable. He can really help you get un-stuck and move to the next level. Super down-to-earth and incredibly professional. Highly recommend spending time to talk/work with him to see where it takes you."

Temese Szalai, CEO & Founder, Madarka.
headshot"I worked with Eric last year and into this year, and he's great at helping you figure out who you are at your core and restructuring your life around that to help you unlock your potential. Highly recommend even one conversation with him!"

Lindsay Brownell, Science Writer
aaeaaqaaaaaaaazhaaaajgm3ntm0ztqxlwjlnwetndjmmc1hzjm3lwzinzizodg2yjzmzg"I worked with Eric and he keeps it real. From pragmatic techniques to overcome work challenges, all the way through to understanding love, compassion and mindfulness in today's environment! I was very skeptical but came out very humbled and super energized and wow'ed."

Asim Janjua, Interaction Design, Visual Design
"I got pretty far along in life being an engineer, thinking that if it wasn't an engineering problem, it wasn't worth solving. Inevitably, I ran aground, hard, on that plateau where the meaningful problems in my career and in my life couldn't be solved the way I'd always done things. I worked with Eric to rebuild skills that I'd forgotten about, to gain some new ones, and to look forward to solving the next challenge."

Bob Vawter, Founder, ModelBox.io