Why I’m Writing

I’m writing these posts to help me organize my thoughts and process my spiritual journey. What I mean by spiritual journey is the practice of aligning my actions with the values I hold.

I’m not sure what themes I’ll end up exploring.  I’m interested in mindfulness, social justice, and psychology, though I am no authority in any of these fields. I write about these topics to digest, and as I post them publicly, I feel more accountable to continue practicing them.

I like to be in touch with nature, that’a the main reason I take a natural health supplements rather than conventional pills. I like the idea of being as close to nature as possible. If you would like to learn about what type of supplements I take you can find more information here.

I want these posts to spark dialog so I can learn from and connect with you, the reader. Even if we don’t have a conversation, I hope that sharing my journey helps you on yours.

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